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Zi Diligence is a privately owned leading Pharmaceutical Research Organization established by Dr. Mosaad Morsi in 2014, Cairo, Egypt, License No. 11/2015 to provide outstanding pharmaceutical services in accordance with GxPs guidelines and international regulations.

We excel our presence in a separate building consisting of six successive floors with a total area surpasses 800 m2. Not only that, but we also excel that we provides an intensive care unit.

Our team are a talented experienced drug research professionals, they are highly qualified and holders of different scientific degrees PhD, MSc, postgraduate diplomas and other scientific certificates.

We have significant professional experience in pharmaceutical research, industry, regulatory and academic environment.

Zi Diligence implements an efficient and advanced QA system that saves time and energy by preventing non-compliance to international guidelines and regulatory requirements.

All studies are conducted under strict adherence to GCP & GLP principles in accordance with EMEA, FDA, ICH and WHO, with controlled calibrated equipments.


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Villa 8, Block 3,Eskan
El-Togaryen, Elmokatam ,
Cairo, Egypt.
Tel./Fax: +202 25075786
Tel./Fax:+202 25075796
Email: Info@zi-diligence.com

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